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hearing aids Locust Grove va

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Make 2023 the year your loved one celebrates better hearing! Wagner Hearing Aid of Culpeper has partnered with ReSound in the Gift of Hearing campaign to donate a FREE pair of premium hearing aids to a member of our community. 


Do you know someone struggling with hearing loss?

Do you know someone who has their TV at level 50?

Do you know someone who says What? Huh? Eh? everyother sentence?

Do you know someone who does not want to miss any more memories?


Nominate him or her to receive a FREE pair of ReSound OMNIA hearing aids. Please fill out the form below to submit your nomination.


All nominees must receive a free hearing test, prior to the winner announced. (so get your nominations in early)


The gift of better hearing can be life changing, Nominate your loved one using the form below today.

nomination form
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